Clark Mountain Musings: Open Birdline Monday III

Monday, November 28, 2005

Open Birdline Monday III

Special Focus, large Acciptrids. The golden eagle (Aquila chyrsaetos).

Ecology of the Golden Eagle

Jerry McGahen Auk, January-March 1968

Observations of the Golden Eagle in Montana

ES Cameron Auk, July-September 1908

Nesting of Golden Eagles in the Central and Southern Appalachians

DS Lee, WR Spofford The Wilson Bulletin, October-December 1990

The Golden Eagle

Wm. L. Finley Herman T. Bohlman Condor, Jan-Feb 1906

Observations of Golden Eagle Attacks on Coyotes

Homer S. Ford J. R. Alcorn Condor, Jan-Feb 1966

Interactions between Corvids and a Golden Eagle on a Pheasant Kill

JB Blatt SK Sherrod Auk, Jan-March 1974

Golden Eagle Reintroduction in Ireland

Golden Eagle falconry in Kazakhstan


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