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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Chaos in Gaza forces European observers to shelter at Israeli base

I find this telling, from this respect, we hear about a "cycle of violence", we hear about a "two party peace process", we hear about "Israeli crackdowns", we hear about how harsh Israel is from the Euro-weanies and their UN buddies and how Israel MUST bend over backwards to accomodate......

well guess where Europeans run to when the heat is turned up in Gaza? Read this sentence and find out...

"The unarmed European observers -- responsible for enforcing terms of the Israeli-Palestinian agreement that opened the border last month -- took refuge in a nearby Israeli military base, forcing the terminal to halt operations. "

Guess they weren't willing to hide in a Gaza police station, I wonder why.... when this happens

" Palestinian policemen went on a rampage over the killing of a colleague and seized the Gaza-Egypt border crossing for several hours yesterday, forcing European monitors to flee in the latest sign of growing mayhem in the coastal strip. "



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