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Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Movie advertised for Christians too... G-d forbid.

Okay, I love, LOVE the Jerusalem Post. But this article posted on their front page today, is just beyond even me. Narnia, the story by CS Lewis has Christian overtones of reconciliation, good overcoming evil, and the Love of all time. This is how the piece begins...

"A potential mega-blockbuster film, financed by a fervent Christian and bursting with Christian overtones, is being mass-marketed to - guess who? - Christians. "

Is the author serious? And is it still illegal in the United States to do so?

It gets worse...

"Church groups are buying up whole theater showings just like Daddy Warbucks did for Annie."

"Daddy Warbucks"? What is this author talking about?


"The $250 million film, which opens Dec. 9, was produced by the owner of the San Francisco Examiner, the right-wing evangelical billionaire Philip Anschutz."

Couldn't be any worse than a ... "right-wing, evangelical, billionaire". That's a loaded statement. I hope this article is farce....because it is hilarious, written even from San Francisco.

"I haven't seen the movie, but I wouldn't be surprised if they fleshed out the Christianity a bit more to be satisfying to the Christian audience. That's the part that's most disconcerting to me. "

It's disconcerting to cater to Christians? When 80+% of America claims allegiance to Christianity? Sounds like bad business to me....

"Anschutz is a figure who makes many wary. Walden Media in recent years began creating Christian-friendly films short on sexual content or profanity"

Short on sex, violence, profanity.. The inhumanity. .....

"Anschutz also is an outspoken evangelical, who was attracted to the Narnia tales for the same reason others in the business were repelled - its Christian messages..."

Christians attracted to Christian messages... suprising????

"Disney is allocating about 5 percent of its promotional budget to wooing Christian groups. "

5%, 5% and that's too much....Oh because Disney has been the beacon of familia values of late.

The Story, he says... "You figure it out."

It ends as such

"There's one funny line he put in a letter. He said children know who Aslan is," Palmer said. "The great golden lion, son of the emperor from beyond the sea, is a Christ reference."

And the golden lion is the sole redeemer."

Peace on Earth Good will to men, I'm out...



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