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Friday, December 02, 2005

Wanted terrorists returning to Gaza through Rafah DUH!

One word...... DUH!

Interestingly enough... it was the United States which bloody wanted Israel to open up the Gaza-Egyptian border and send the IDF away from patrolling it.... and Holy Toledo, what do you know, but Terrorists are criss-crossing the border!!!!!!!! NO WAY!

Way..... and you can thank Condaleeza Rice for it, remember it in 2008.


From Background: Why Rice pushed so hard on Rafah

"this deal, with its call for enhanced cargo capacity at Karni and a target to begin passenger and truck convoys from Gaza to the West bank, was considered by the US and Quartet envoy James Wolfensohn as critical to attracting the investment and donor dollars into Gaza necessary for the region's economic development."

I guess we're seeing what ENHANCED CARGO CAPACITY, Increased INVESTMENT and DONOR DOLLARS means to a terror economy... Bah!
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