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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alito on a roll

From Powerline Blog this morning, "Inside the hearing room this afternoon, the momentum in favor of Judge Alito seemed palpable. The Republicans know that the Democrats are playing a losing hand, and the Democrats know it as well. The Republicans are enjoying themselves, while the Democrats are grasping at straws. That's my bounce anyway."

From Townhall's Captitol Report, "His legal brilliance came through as he emphasized again and again his commitment to judicial restraint -- that he will apply the law as written to the cases before him, and not read new rights into the Constitution that clearly don't exist. We need America's federal courts filled with judges who believe in judicial restraint. And having an encyclopedic knowledge of Supreme Court cases, they way Judge Alito showed today."

From National Review, "Alito's record and his testimony in the first days of the hearings suggest that he is, as advertised, a cautious, intelligent, and conservative jurist. He does not disdain the idea that judges can promote justice, but firmly believes that the way they do so is by following the law."


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