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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Iran on the road to Nukeville again, on the road again, what is to be done?

Nice post-card huh?

From Wash Times this morning Bill Gertz, "Iran's resumption of uranium enrichment yesterday will move Tehran closer to full-scale nuclear weapons production, according to U.S. and Western officials and specialists. U.S. government officials said the move will likely lead to U.N. Security Council action, including sanctions against Iran. "This is not the worst, it is the beginning of the worst," Mr. Sokolski said, noting that if it is left unchecked, Iran's nuclear weapons program will trigger a Middle East nuclear arms race involving Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. "

Oooh sanctions and French indignation. Why doesn't the US support more efforts like ActivistChat for Iranian people.

Gateway Pundit: Iran Breaks Seals on Nuclear Plant


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