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Friday, January 20, 2006

Jimmy and Khomeini rehashed

Thought this was a timely (get it post
can't believe they thought it was a "test" of wills. It was actually a complete annihilation of wills.
Jimmy Carter, not exactly Mr. Resolve, he was my birth-President. Arghh.
Of course it was Msr Carter who cheered on the ayatollah and called him a "man of god"
What a visionary Msr Carter was/is.

Trackbacked to Michelle Malkin: Al Zawahiri: Dead or Alive?

Michelle Malkin" Iran, Preparing for the Worst

Gateway Pundit: Hillary's Whopper: Bush is Just Expanding on the "Carter Policy"

This is the policy, support the ayatollah. Thanks Jimmy, gracias para su leadership.


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