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Monday, January 09, 2006

Pope's attempted assasin to be released from prison in Turkey

A Turkish court has approved the release of the man who shot Pope John Paul II in Rome in 1981. Turkish citizen Mehmet Ali Agca, 47, was extradited to Turkey in 2000 after serving almost 20 years in prison in Italy and has now been granted parole by a Turkish court. His motives for the attack remain unclear. "He was eligible to be released on parole because he had no disciplinary problems," Agca's lawyer, Demirbag said. The semiofficial Anatolia news agency suggested that Agca was expected to be immediately enlisted by the military for obligatory service because he had dodged the draft. However, it was not clear if that would happen because the military generally only accepts conscripts younger than 41.

MORE at Hurriyet (Turkey)

Remember the Pope's actions (he forgave him) with his assasin, nonetheless I don't think he should be a freed man. Return evil with good.

More at the Gateway Pundit:More Than Bird Flu on the Streets of Turkey


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