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Friday, January 20, 2006

Reid apologizes for insulting 33 Republicans

Long time coming, I would say (the admittance of unethics, if that's a word).

From the Wash Times, "A day after he announced his campaign for clean government, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid had to apologize for a political document that his official office sent out slamming 33 Senate Republicans.

"I am writing to apologize for the tone of this document and the decision to single out individual senators for criticism in it," the Nevada Democrat wrote in a letter yesterday that said he regrets "the current political climate in which policy disputes escalate too quickly into personal condemnation."

Interesting that his "clean government" campaign requires an apology. Aye aye. More like repentance is what they need. Turn, national Democrats, turn away.

More at Gateway Pundit: Harry Reid Apologizes for Unethical Attacks on GOP Ethics


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