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Monday, February 13, 2006

Iran thanks Jimmy and France for their Islamic Republic

Indeed... do you recall how quickly Jimmy Carter surrendered to the Iranian fascist hostage takers and was so quick to apologize. Thanks for the leadership Jimmy. Can we put a monument to Jimmy on the mall. What would it be? How about a giant statue grabbing its ankles?

You may also be interested in the following Iranian sarirical pieces...

Call him Ahmadinejadicchio for his missile cone nose grows

USA Today Reporter compares Ahmadinejad with fellow man of "humble background" Abraham Lincoln

John Kerry extends himself to Iran and The Ring

John Kerry reaches out again (to Iran)

Jimmy and Khomeini rehashed

The Grim Fanatic


The words of two "Presidents".... Moderate or Radical?

For Booking: Contact the Combatant Clerics Speaking Bureau

Is Non, the Superman II nemesis, a bodyguard for Iran's president? decide.

Flapping Danish Flag and Denmark Freedom of Speech clause gif

Trackbacked to Stop the ACLU, Michelle Malkin

More about the "massive" (not really) 27th Anniversary "celebration" at Gateway Pundit


Blogger Gateway Pundit said...

Wonderful! No celebration of Iran would be complete without a special mention of Jimmy Carter!

Monday, February 13, 2006 5:45:00 AM  

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