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Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Mugabe and Chávez: God creates them and they get together" Animation

Thought it was time for another one of my ever lovely mocumentary-gifs, this time..... Mugabe and Chavez. Did you know.....the Zimbabwean economy just hit 1000% inflation. What does Chavez think of that "dreamy" scenario? Let's find out...... Roll 'em.

Background: from Venezuela Today

"Robert Mugabe, said the beaming Chávez, "is a true warrior of freedom."

Both have presided over.....

Economic Collapse
Agricultural Collapse via land "redistribution"
Created paramilitary bands of armed thugs
Same menacing attitude against private business
Blood on their hands
Both are signing an agreement for "economic" cooperation, a pathetic case of the blind leading the blind.

Beautiful together......God help the peoples of Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

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