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Friday, June 09, 2006

Delay bids goodbye to the House

"When the Texas Republican took the floor to deliver a goodbye address to his colleagues after 22 years in Congress, most Democrats didn't bother to stay.

When he started talking about liberals' wanting to take more money out of people's pockets, the Democrats hissed, and most of the 50 left in the chamber stood and walked out.

Now the speech

""I have scraped and clawed for every vote, every amendment, for every word of every bill that I believed in my heart would protect human freedom and defend human dignity," he said yesterday. "I have done so at all times honorably and honestly, Mr. Speaker, as God is my witness and history is my judge. If given the chance to do it all again there's only one thing I would change: I would fight even harder."


We will miss "The Hammer" in the House. He fought for his principles.


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