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Thursday, June 01, 2006

White House betrays Iranian Opposition

and rewards the......holocaust denying, terror sponsoring, world-defying, 7th Century, Death to Amerika, Death to Israel chanting regime. When the President of a UN State threatens to "wipe off the map" another UN State, that regime does NOT deserve any Carrot whatsoever.

Thank you Bush Administration, nice war on terror you got there. You're going to negotiate with Tehran. Good luck on that. I don't want war, but I do want toughness, haven't seen much of it lately. (And don't even comment Democrats......., Madeleine Albright and the like.)

Michael Ledeen says it well......

"Most everyone in this game undoubtedly expects the Iranians to send us to hell, as they have every time we’ve offered them diplomatic carrots in exchange for their surrender of atomic weapons in advance. "

NO Iranian policy leads to....."The net effect of this announcement is likely to be further confusion inside Iran (both regime and opposition will wonder what our policy is, neither being able to conceive that we have none)."


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