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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Iran's Larijani sounds positively "Clintonian" with his statement on Israel.

Analyze this statement...

"That Iran is willing to threaten Israel is wrong," Larijani said. "We pose no threat and if we are conducting nuclear research and development we are no threat to Israel. We have no intention of aggression against any country."


Do you see where he sounds a lot like Clinton (only in his language ability), in that it's so legalezed....

"We pose no threat?"... to whom?

If, IF, IF... we are conducting nuclear "research and development" we are no threat to Israel.

"no INTENTION of aggression against any "COUNTRY"... case in point "COUNTRY"... the Iranian regime doesn't view Israel as a legit "Country".. so he lies while he opens his mouth.


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