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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Sharia police say "Better to let unrelated woman die than her"???!!!

"A NIGERIAN convert to Islam who took his sick neighbour to hospital has been jailed in Saudi Arabia because he was not related to the elderly woman.

Ibrahim Mohammad Lawal was convicted of immoral behaviour by religious police who enforce the state's strict code banning women from mixing with men other than relatives. "


Okey dokey... let's be honest here, there are some seriously INSANE people in certain parts of the world. I wonder how the basiij would feel if say Mr. Lawal had taken his neighbor's donkey to the emergency room? A donkey worth more than a woman? Maybe in their blind eyes.

Maybe we can give the "police" the benefit of the doubt here, they didn't say he couldn't help her just that he must face a punishment for helping her? Okay... I still don't get it....


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