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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New York City hosts a big ISRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) party....

And Mahmoud Ahmadhimmitude is invited guest. How wonderful that NYC is soooooo cosmopolitan that 1500 Islamic Revolutionaries can come out on a weeknight and celebrate the arrival of the Mahdi's lieutenant to NYC. Note the radiance about Mr. Mahmoud, his colleague to the right seems to notice it... (Reference his "glowing" 1st speech to the UN HERE)

Are we a foolish nation.....? Maybe they gave an honorary toast by chanting... "Magbar Amerika, Magbar Amerika"... on US soil...
He hastens to make many exports.. not so much pistachios or Noruz celebrations or carpets... but the Jizya tax and other "special" rights for other religions.... He exports DHIMMITUDE and Columbia University accepts it (all of those "brilliant" Ivy Leaguers who applauded at his whim).
God help us.


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