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Friday, May 09, 2008

Mapping out the "bitter" voters...

Where are those "bitter" voters we hear about, the "Reagan Democrats"? We hear constantly about the "racial divide" between the Clinton voters and the Obama voters in the current Democratic primary season and the Clintons seem intent on exploiting it... forget the Nixonian southern strategy.. it's the Clintonian southern strategy.

I've yet to see a nationwide county by county map to put this "bitter" divide into place. So courtesy of CNN and a bit of copy and paste jigsaw style on my part I've put together what the country looks like (where data is available by county) prior to the West Virginia and Kentucky primaries. Just ignore the "Fisher" projection which makes Minnesota larger than Texas...
Here's the CNN composite map which shows that the rust/iron belt and much of the south has strong preference one way or the other.

Now... let's see what this map looks like compared to the 1968 Presidential election by states and counties... if you'll recall, the radical segregationist George Wallace ("Segregation now, Segretation forever"..) ran as an independent during that election (he was a Democrat) and was the beginning of the end of Democrat domination of the south and the rust belt (unfortunately many of those voters joined the Republican party).

Found here

NOT saying the blue-collar voter is anything but a populist voting group, BUT, it is true that Wallace carried alot of votes all throughout the country including the Rust/Iron Belt.

Now lets move on to comparing Clinton's 2008 primary voters, the blue collars with George Wallace's 1968 voters. Since the Clintons seem hellbent on making this campaign about her winning "white voters", let's see who she's winning, shall we?

In deep-south Mississippi

In midwest-border Missouri

In rust belt-coal country Pennsylvania

Looks like the Clinton strategy of targeting areas that supported Wallace is working, not saying that's their intent, BUT it does look like there's a correlation between counties supporting Wallace and those voting against Obama, DESPITE the 40 year time span.

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