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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Evil in our time...

I'm really struggling with this, I feel so enraged about the murderer of a father and a four year old daughter.  The murderer smashed her head against rocks?  And is freed???? freed???? and.....he is celebrated!!!!!!!!!

God help us, God HELP US.... Why did Israel release Sammy Kuntar???  I have only one thought about people who celebrate murderers of 4 year old little girls... here it is..

That's pretty much what I think of those who celebrate the murderer of a 4 year old girl... The JPOST describes the hero's welcome... HERE

I know I am to love our enemies, but I'm struggling with this one.  I'm sorry if you're more offended by the above picture than the murder of a 4 year old girl.  God help you.  God loves you.  But the disgust I feel about today is something I'll NEVER forget.  

UPDATE:  I couldn't keep it up.... the picture showed Kuntar and his celebrants with pig snouts... they don't deserve even that and I won'd stoop there.  May God grab ahold of their souls and show them what they do, what they've done, the evil in their souls.  No pictures of you Kuntar on this blog, none!  


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