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Saturday, May 02, 2009

More Hopey and Changey schtuff

Guantanamo will not only stay open but.... Military tribunals to continue?? Arghhh... for the love of Obama! That's change we can believe in.. bwahahahahah!!!!!!

Guess what...? governing is more than slogans, governing is more than photo ops with loony left authoritarians... shocking!

Read Jules Crittenden for more

From The Corner...and Mr. Snarky Mark Steyn..

It's yesterday once more [Mark Steyn]
From the deadpan headline writers at The New York Times:
US May Revive Military Courts at Guantanamo
Any day now, the new conventional wisdom will emerge: Obama has turned around Bush's failed war on terror because he's had the courage to do the tough things that, while not always attractive, are ruthlessly effective.


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