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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Missouri Counties vote...

Here I present an analysis of every US Presidential election since 1860, which compares the two parties by Missouri county. It gives a good measure of the political leanings of each county and regions of the state. It also shows that the Show Me State rural counties have grown increasingly red through the years (despite the fact that they vote Democratic for local officials).

Average County Preference 1860 - 2008

The following map gives you an idea of how relatively Republican leaning or Democratic leaning each county has been over the past 148 years. A Republican win was assigned a 1 and a Democratic win was assigned a 2. A mean score was given to each county and is displayed on the legend. A 1.5 would be the ideal "swing" county.

Click here for a larger version of the above map (with counties labeled).

Click here for the text file of the data for this project.

16 Year Cycles 1868 - 2008

The next map displays the trends by county in 16 year increments (4 cycles) from 1868 to 2008. The values are the average percentage/party.

Note the increasing dark red color (strongly Republican) of counties in Missouri. Certainly the dark blue of traditionally strongly Democratic areas (such as the Bootheel/Southeast Ozarks, “Little Dixie”/Northeast Missouri) has lightened. St. Louis City seems to be the only area with has gone the opposite way and is now dark blue.

Click here for a larger version of the above map.

Individual Maps

The following maps present each 16 year cycle in sequential order.

Missouri Presidential Elections from 1860 to 2004

This video displays the results for each election cycle.


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